EODD is delivering a strong message to tens of thousands of people who
are grappling with their respective battles against unwanted pounds.
Easily one of the best plans to reduce weight. But not only does it
fulfill on providing a valid achievable plan for this but it also guides
you to create a healthier lifestyle. You have the genetics to lose fat,
build strength, and to improve the way you feel and perform every single

If you are opting to use this plan, it is important that you know
how it works. Your genes naturally want you to survive which translates
into stored fat. Go to battle with them in a conventional diet plan and you
will likely lose. EODD enlists your genes in the fight against fat.
Its more easily done using an innovative approach that “cycles” your
calories as well as the sources of foods they come from.
This plan is designed to avoid common pitfalls of dieting including
being hungary all the time, massive cravings, depression, low energy,
and lost muscle strength.

Eating the foods you enjoy throughout the week and interspersed with the
foods that generate the greatest amount of fat-burning thermogenic power
fights diet boredom and creates real results. Although there are
recommended supplements you can use, none are necessary to gain all the
fat-burning benefits of the system. Also very few if any special foods
are needed. There is a simple method called SNAPP which is a way of
measuring your food and also remembering what to eat. There are three
eating plans within the system to choose from depending on where you are
starting and if you want to challenge yourself more. EODD is unique in
that it is a system that can help you change your eating patterns, body
composition, and even your mindset toward eating for the rest of your

Diet Plans are a tragedy

They are a tragedy when they fall short in some way. Some aspect does not work because the plan has a design error and when that happens it’s easy for us to feel like a failure when in fact its the diet plans fault. So what we want to look for a plan that has A+ Stats. Just knowing it has A+ stats can give us the confidence that can mean the difference between us failing and succeeding to lose weight.

The Every Other Day Diet’s stats provide confidence in:
The Creator: Jon Benson, Holly Rigsby, and Daniel Topkis. Jon was obese and has transformed.  He is an internationally recognized transformation life coach, specializing in mental strategies for the excellence lifestyle, fat-burning nutrition and superior physical fitness. He has studied nutrition at Dallas’ famous Cooper Clinic.

The value: available since 2004, it has continued to be perfected and updated.  The bonuses provide further health education. It has worked for over 300,000 people in over 100 countries around the world.
You can do it: The three conditions for success Jon describes are dedication, some exercise, being reasonable.  There is no ongoing deprivation since its an eat my favorite foods diet that’s doctor endorsed.  You get the first 30 days of one-on-one e-coaching with an ACE-Certified Trainer.
There is little risk: If you find it does not work well for our body type, you are covered by a full 60 day all your money back guarantee or if you prefer trainers can create a diet plan based on your input.

“The Every Other Day Diet combines the science and the do-ability to
deliver outstanding results for everyone”
Dr. Holly Lucille, author of Creating and Maintaining Balance

This plans stats win over other diet plans.  Is your confidence rising?  Are you ready to start the journey into a healthier lifestyle?

EODD – An Introduction

I was on a quest to find the right diet.  Now finding a diet is not like finding a needle in a hay stack. There are so so many diets out there, but finding the right one … is like finding a needle in a hay stack.  So since I have a very analytical mind and enjoy research I started my quest and what my research turned up is known as the Every Other Day Diet or EODD.

I knew I was looking for a solution that had these traits: simple, natural, healthy, and effective. I wanted it to help create a long-term lifestyle that had all those traits also.  I mean really, who doesn’t want to have a life that is simple, natural, healthy, and effective.  But many people get into the trap of grabbing for the solution that appears to solve a single problem.  And the common single desire is to lose weight.  But since we eat and move everyday what EODD provides is an approach that can bring about long term results and changes that go beyond other diet plans.

I also found that EODD does not use creams, jewelry, pills, body wraps, teas, patches, shoe inserts like some of the products that have been shown to be scams.  No, instead you learn vital information that forms the foundation for you to implement a lifestyle eating plan.  Once you understand “caloric staggering” you can put it into action and have extensive support.  This is not an unnatural total deprivation diet which will lead you to failure.  In fact eating your favorite foods several times a week, at the right times, can actually help you lose more fat than normal, and that’s part of the plan. Without all the glitter, the authors intro video presents the info so you can both read and hear it – this is a super effective way for you to get his incredible tips, strategies, and how it works.  So go ahead sit thru the video, learn, and then get the plan for yourself.
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